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afreeDLL - Terms of Use / Legal
afreeDLL - Terms of Use - March 17, 2007
This terms of use applies to www.afreeDLL.com

A lot of times files can be misplaced, accidentally deleted, corrupted, and damaged by viruses. This can result in missing file errors, software errors and even problems playing videos. If this is your scenario then you are at the right place!

Although we provide these files to download, these are intended to fix any issues that may arise on your pc. These files have been submitted by the general public and software developers through our website. You may not use any of the files on afreeFiles for development or purposes other than replacing a missing or corrupted file. As far as we know, these files are legal to download unless requested otherwise.

.DLL Developers
If you are the developer a file provided on these sites and would like your file to be unsupported. Please visit the contact page and let us know. We will simply remove files you request. This does not prevent other visitors from requesting or sending files. We will simply delete the requested available file from our database, thus leaving many people with possible software issues!

If you are a developer of a file and would like your file added to our supported files. Please visit the contact page for further instructions on sending your files. You must have a client or software available to the public in which requires this file. We appreciate your participation in helping thousands with these issues.

Software Owners (2a)
If you own the software in which the developer produced the file; it is required that in order to use this application that your missing / corrupted file is restored for proper function. This site is not intended or directed or any illegal use or distribution.

Uploading File's
We allow our visitors to upload files that are not in our archives. If the file already exists, the upload will be declined.
Only .DLL files are allowed to be upload and will be placed into the proper directory immediately.

Downloading File's
By downloading these files you agree to the terms. (2a)(5a)
Scan all files downloaded with the latest anti-virus definitions provided by your anti-virus software.

Liability Terms and Conditions (5a)
By no way is any staff and affiliates associated with afree Network including 3rd party sponsors are held responsible for any problems occured before or after downloading a .DLL file.

Files are uploaded by visitors and are helping others with thier file issues. Before replacing, downloading, and deleting files it is highly recommended you create any backups if possible.

If you would like to contact us regarding this matter please visit the contact page.